Massey Hall Gallery Seat Back (Framed)

Massey Hall Gallery Seat Back (Framed)

Massey Hall
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When Massey Hall first opened its doors in 1894, every seat in the auditorium shared this now-classic design. Today, only the Gallery level seats remain as the Orchestra and Balcony level seats were replaced with more modern designs in 1948 (limited quantities of these seats are also now available for sale). The Massey Hall Revitalization will see updated seating throughout the auditorium, but will retain the original iron standards and hardware on the Gallery level to be used for generations to come. This will result in the decommissioning of the wooden seat backs, and create a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for fans of the hall to own a piece of history. Whether it was the performance of Handel’s Messiah on opening day in 1894, the Toronto Symphony Orchestra’s debut in 1923, the “Greatest Jazz Concert” in 1953, Neil Young recording his now famous concerts in 1971, or any of the countless magical moments that have taken place, these wooden seat backs have resonated with the sounds that filled the hall for generations. Mounted in a commemorative frame and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, these seat backs are available in limited quantities. 

Please note that these seats have served admirably for over a century and show the honest wear and tear that comes with generations of fans enjoying thousands of concerts. The seat number, condition, and finish varies from seat to seat and all pieces are sold in as-is condition. All sales are final, no refunds or exchanges will be permitted. 

Frame Dimensions (approximate) 
Width: 68cm (26.77in) 
Depth: 8cm (3.15in)
Height: 70cm (27.56in)

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